A traditional American block pattern, this arrangement of 9 patch pieces plays with colour and tone to great effect, using half-square triangle techniques to make contrasts.




1. Cut the fabric you’ll need.

Choose 3 different colours of fabric, preferably a light, a medium, and a dark. Cut four 4.5” squares from each colour.

2. Match up your fabric for the half-square triangles.

Pair up your fabrics and pin together. You should have two sets of fabrics 1 & 2, two of fabrics 1 & 3, and two of fabrics 2 & 3. Make sure you have the squares matched up correctly before cutting anything!


3. Sew your half-square triangles.

Pin the right sides together of your squares of fabrics 1 & 2. Mark a line diagonally across the squares and then stitch down either side of this line, using your machine’s presser foot as a guide. Cut in half using your marked line as a guide, and press open. You should have four squares.

Repeat with fabrics 1 & 3 and 2 & 3, to create 12 squares in total.

4. Arrange your pattern.

Using the illustration as a guide, arrange your half-square triangles in a 9-patch configuration.

You will have 3 squares left over – set these aside, as they can be used for your next Double X block, or for another project.

5. Sew the block.

Join your squares together in rows of three, pressing the seams in opposite directions as you go. When you have 3 rows, double check the pattern is in the correct order, and then join these together, pressing well.

Thanks for reading along, and don’t forget to check back next month for a new block pattern and instructions!